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Quality, know-how and efficiency are key factors for successful foundries. Only the continuous optimisation of process cycles and production processes ensure a competitive edge in the global market. ECO-FORM is a business unit of G U T GmbH and has set itself the goal of coming up with visionary ideas for foundries and developing these into products which are ready to be launched in the market. In this way we help make sure our customers have an edge in technology and competition – with reliable environmentally-friendly, efficient technology.


The most recent development is the moulding box concept ECOFORM for handmade casting. First of all we thought about how to reduce the amount of space needed, the cooling time and moulding material, allowing a minimisation of the through-put times in the production of each mould. We could reach enormous advantages, for example 50% savings on moulding sand, cooling time inside the mould up to 75% and relating of total manufacturing time.

Do you have any questions?

We will be glad to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your needs. You can ask us all the questions you have about the ECOFORM technology concept and how it can help you out. Give us a call at: +49 (0)2734 2809-10 or send us an e-mail

ECO-FORM ein Geschäftsbereich der G U T Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH