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Moulding lines for handmade casting

Optimum logistics and process stability in mould production

The basis for the implementation of the economical and stabile process offered in the ECOFORM system is the moulding line concept. Our moulding lines are system solutions and are made up of different building blocks, which are installed in accordance with the respective conditions. The building blocks include:

  • Transport systems with crane systems, roller conveyors and transfer cars
  • Mixing stations
  • Vibration table
  • Facing stations
  • Electronically and gas-heated mould drying
  • Lifting device for mould and model
  • Safety devices
  • Automation solutions

Layout einer realisierten Formlinie für Handformguss. ECOFORM in Kombination mit einer Formlinie für <br /> Grossguss ist die Basis für eine wirtschaftliche, prozesssichere und qualitativ hochwertige Fertigung.

The layout of a moulding line for handmade casting. ECOFORM in combination with a moulding line for large-
scale casting offers the foundations for the economical, stable-process manufacture of premium-quality products.


We make use of tried-and-proven components and offer an individual solution which is optimally tailored to meet your needs in an all-embracing concept.



Komfortables Formschlichten (Wasserschlichte) durch Fluten in Schlichtestationen und mittels Lastwendegeräten.

Convenient mould slurrying (water-based slurry) by flooding in slurry stations using load-turning devices.

ECOFORM-Formhälfte fährt zur<br /> Trocknung der Form in den Ofen.

ECOFORM mould halves being transported to dry in the furnace.

ECO-FORM ein Geschäftsbereich der G U T Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH