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What is EcoForm?

Potential use

The ECOFORM concept offers a stable process in the efficient production of premium-quality cast parts. This new technology is primarily focused on handmade casting products in batches of > 3, for which there is a great demand in a large number of rapidly growing target sectors. There are a large number of uses particularly in the energy sector. Another interesting area of application is the area of select, competing casting processes, which can be replaced with ECOFORM to save on costs.

Technological concept

The tried-and-proven ECOFORM concept is based on a specially designed near net shape mould box. In contrast to conventional moulding technology, the casting box is equipped with a special moulding box bar system arranged in a grid pattern and specially adapted to conform to the parts being produced. This ensures the high stability of the mould.


Fahrzeugortung mit dem ecoGPS Infoportalg

2D-CAD cross-section of an ECOFORM for cast steel with
moulding box bar and a significantly reduced quantity of sand.


This makes it possible to significantly decrease the moulding sand and considerably improves the “sand to metal” ratio. The thermal stability provided by the moulding sand is okay. Practical experience with different castings in ECOFORM has shown that the dimensional accuracy of castings is excellent.


We would be pleased to develop the technological concept with you. We will help you with the design, supply the calculated moulding boxes and support the launch.

Die Abbildungen zeigen die ECOFORM-Formkastenhälfte beim Auflegen im Zuge der Formvorbereitung.

The illustrations show the ECOFORM casting
box halves when the mould is being prepared.

Die Bilder zeigen den ECOFORM Formkasten mit den Schoren.

The pictures show the ECOFORM

ECO-FORM ein Geschäftsbereich der G U T Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH